Buy, sell & send smarter.

Meet Pennii – Instant payments & buy now pay later for mates & marketplaces.

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Secure payments

Safer, cashless transfers

Know your buyer/seller

Bank level verification

Australia’s preferred payment method for second-hand marketplaces

Familiar, cashless payment methods & increased security for buyers & sellers.


  • Strong user authentication (i.e. no scammers)
  • Guarantee correct money on pick-up
  • Accept payment via deposits, escrow, card & instalments
  • Payment requests sent via text & messenger

QR Code on Pick-up

No more cash, sharing bank or PayID details when exchanging goods. Simply scan to pay.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Pay for any item in 4x instalments, while the seller gets paid instantly.

Parcel Delivery Tracking

Bought or sold an item that needs to be posted? Pennii conveniently attaches delivery details to each transaction.

Lifestyle payments for family, friends & groups

Create group accounts for joint purchases, split bills or pay your friends back in instalments.


  • Instantly send & request money
  • Split bills equally or by item
  • Create a Pennii Pool for group purchases
  • We’ll pay your friend, you pay us back in instalments

Pennii Authentication

Bringing confidence back to marketplaces