Payments for
mates & marketplaces.

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    Bringing confidence & convenience
    to buying, selling

    your cousin, friend, brother, sister, mate, in-law ’s

    pool table.,Prada bag.,beach umbrella.,coffee machine.,ford falcon.,roller skates.,turntables.,golf clubs.,Nintendo 64.,outdoor setting.,indoor plant.

    Guarantee payment & eliminate time wasters.

    When selling an item, easily find a committed buyer by creating and sharing a Pennii QR link.

    If the buyer is committed, they’ll click the link and pay into Pennii’s secure escrow account.

    Funds are instantly released to the seller once the item has been handed over, and the buyer scans the seller’s QR code.

    No contact. No sharing of bank details. No worries.

    Own that fiddle leaf,pool table,prada bag,eames chair,golf set,nintendo 64,Balenciaga,surf board,Tiffany & Co,Thermomix,Webber BBQ sooner.

    Pennii’s Buy Now Pay Later allows you to pay anyone for anything in instalments.

    Whether it’s $50 to a friend for dinner or $1000 for the Eames lounge chair you found on Gumtree.

    We’ll pay them instantly..
    You pay us back over 8 weeks.

    Pennii puts people & payments together – safely.

    Bank level cover & security

    All funds are covered by the AUS Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS).

    Contactless, QR-code payments

    No more cash, sharing bank or PayID details when exchanging goods. Simply scan to pay.

    100% local support

    Pennii’s Australian based staff and call centre are never too far away.

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      Be confident in
      who you’re dealing with.

      Know the person you’re paying is legitimate, without knowing anything about them.

      When signing up, we verify the identity of each Pennii user & match their ID against government records, ensuring they are who they say they are – all in under 2 minutes.

      Pennii never uses your personal information for any other purpose.

      Instantly pay anyone,
      any way you want.

      Pay your mum using your credit card.
      Save up as a group for a 21st gift.
      Pay your mate back using buy now, pay later.
      Split the dinner bill with the in-laws.

      You get the gist.

      Pennii makes payments convenient.

      Join the beta when it comes out